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Majesticks GC x Seamless Digital
Apr 27 2024
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"It wasn't difficult getting our players engaged in the partnership...the opportunity to deliver a first in golf and to demonstrate how we can innovate is always something that gets us excited...!"

James Dunkley, Majesticks GC Team Principal.

Seamless Digital chose high performance sports as the ultimate test environment for its disruptive advertising technology platform. After launching in F1 with McLaren Racing and Google, Seamless Digital’s next focus was professional golf and the Majesticks GC LIV team offered the perfect opportunity to test and develop the capabilities of the platform.

“As soon as I saw Seamless Digital’s tech in F1 with McLaren I hoped it would be coming to golf next. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being involved in developing dynamic branding for our team, leading the way for our sport”.

Ian Poulter, professional golfer, and co-captain of the Majesticks GC Team.

A true collaboration led to Seamless Digital developing new platform capabilities such as connectivity via a bespoke app. The results being remote control of the messaging from anywhere in the world, partner personalisation, fan engagement and enhanced player interaction. The learnings will have wider consequences across mainstream applications, more than just in golf or professional sport.


Much like F1, the LIV Golf League travels around the world taking a sport to new levels of excitement and engagement with generations of fans. With LIV Golf’s mission to modernize and supercharge the sport of golf, the Majesticks GC team’s own ambition was to be the most pioneering team in the league.

Likewise for Seamless Digital, testing the dynamic messaging platform within high performance environments is the best proving ground for development and rapid iteration based on partner’s needs.

“We wanted a partner that would test the functionality and challenge our team across different aspects of design, integration and activation of the platform”.

Mark Turner, Seamless Digital Founder and CEO.

For Seamless Digital it was firstly about designing the brief with Majesticks. The task involved seamlessly integrating dynamic branding onto the golf bags of the team’s players. This transition required moving from the extreme conditions of Formula 1 (F1) cars—characterised by high vibrations, temperature fluctuations, and uniquely shaped carbon fibre bodywork - to the everyday parts and materials found in golf bags such as straps, pockets, zips, and leather panels.

Despite the shift in context, several common challenges persisted. These included considerations around weight, power efficiency, user interfaces, and system communications. While the F1 system is directly plugged into the car’s electronics architecture, the golfing environment demanded a distinct solution. The Majesticks GC team frequently travelled to various league events across the globe. As a result, robust connectivity became essential.

The core objective for Majesticks GC was clear: empower the support team to respond swiftly to events and provide the flexibility needed for marketing adjustments. Whether during a tournament, each round, or even individual holes, the branding and communications on each player’s dynamic golf bag needed to remain adaptable.

“We try to look at the finest details of the end user’s needs- we wanted solutions that would stand the test of travelling around the world, used in different conditions.”

Steve Hughes, Seamless Digital Head of Product Integration.

The main ethos of Seamless Digital was to integrate the technology platform without sacrificing performance or aesthetics of the Majesticks GC players and their equipment.


Seamless Digital worked with Majesticks GC to integrate the system within the bag and team livery.

Throughout the R&D, Majesticks GC players and team provided fast and direct feedback. From power to transportation, the user experience of players, caddies, marketing personnel and logistics teams were consulted, and needs considered.

“We quickly found the ideal partner for golf in Majesticks GC. A visit by Ian (Poulter) and some of the team to the Lab felt much more like a technical collaboration than a traditional partnership. It’s not every day you get professional sports athletes asking questions and diving into the product details.”

Mark Turner, Seamless Digital Founder and CEO.

Overall, there were several key challenges addressed such as:


Seamless Digital’s systems and software engineers developed bespoke hardware, phone app and web-based platform, with the need for connectivity in remote locations and self-reliance on accessibility in mind.

Remote control of messaging

For Majesticks GC to tailor messaging to be responsive to the situation, Seamless Digital provided a cloud-based, central software platform for the team to use. It meant the team could control the bags from either on-course (for example at the request of the players for fun messaging) or remotely from anywhere in the world. This enabled the team to change brands and messaging in real-time, including partner personalisation.

Audience targeting

During the rounds, at certain key moments, the dynamic bags displayed QR codes targeting on course fans. The call to action was to scan the code to sign up to the Majesticks GC fan club. Given the popularity of the players in the UK, this was a key time for the team to drive fan engagement on the course.


Seamless Digital redesigned the Majesticks GC bag livery, working with their sister company Silverstone Paint Technology to custom paint the final golf bags, integrating the overall design to be in line with the team’s brand guidelines and existing assets.


During the 2023 season the Majesticks GC team were able to connect to a device on course that enabled the bags to be changed remotely from anywhere in the world. The platform’s flexibility enabled each dynamic bag to be tailored to the players own stable of partners- for example displaying Close House bespoke to Lee Westwood.

Naturally the players took no time in using the platform for their own fun. Sending cheeky messages on each other’s bags during tournament weekends. This provided stimulus for social media and fan engagement.

A highlight of the partnership also must be the fact the dynamic bag was used by Henrik Stenson in the 151st Open Championship in 2023, a championship Henrik won in 2016. It was the first-time dynamic branding had been used in one of golf’s ‘Majors’.

The most significant outcome is that the results of the R&D collaboration are being integrated directly into Seamless Digital’s mainstream advertising solutions, including last-mile delivery, bike sharing schemes and mobility fleet systems.

“Majesticks GC have been the most pro-active team we’ve dealt with”.

Steve Hughes, Seamless Digital Head of Product Integration.

“Overall, we did not have to sacrifice performance in any way when integrating Seamless Digital into our team and it gave us an exciting and innovative new asset to take to market with existing and new partners, the reaction from whom has been fantastic. The Seamless Digital team’s expertise really does lie within the intersection of technology, commercial and design”.

James Dunkley, Majesticks GC Team Principal.