Written by
Majesticks GC Staff
Feb 07 2024
OSG lock

London, England (February 7, 2024) – Majesticks GC today announced a new partnership with Open Sky Group which will see the global supply chain solutions leader become the team’s Official Supply Chain Implementation Solutions Partner. 

The partnership will see Open Sky Group feature on the digital panel of the Majesticks GC golf bags; an asset unique to Majesticks GC thanks to their partnership with Seamless Digital. Open Sky Group will also benefit from several exclusive experiences and access to the Majesticks GC team during the agreement.  

“I am excited to announce our partnership with Open Sky Group ahead of LIV Las Vegas this week,” says Majesticks GC Team Principal James Dunkley. “We are thankful to the team for their commitment to supporting Majesticks GC and are looking forward to working closely together over the coming season to bring this partnership to life. This off-season we made a number of advances in our uses of technology, data, and insight, and there are some fantastic synergies between the ways that Open Sky Group work, and what we stand for as a team.” 

Open Sky Group help companies address challenges with cutting-edge supply chain technology, innovation, and expertise. They support businesses in exceeding their goals and optimize operational efficiency. Since opening in 2006, they have grown to over 100 employees across the globe. With a remote work environment, they have been able to hire some of the brightest minds in the United States, Australia, Pakistan, India, and the United Kingdom to better support clients with their supply chain needs. 

“We are honored to announce Open Sky Group as the Official Supply Chain Implementation Solutions Partner for Majesticks GC of the LIV Golf League,” says Open Sky Group CEO Chad Kramlich. “This collaboration exemplifies our dedication to precision and performance, synergizing Open Sky Group’s expertise with Majesticks GC’s pursuit of excellence in the world of golf.” 

“We’re very much looking forward to this LIV Golf season and are thrilled to have Open Sky Group on board as a partner,” added Majesticks GC Co-Captain Lee Westwood. “We are making great strides as a team, and our partners are absolutely central to our success on and off the course.”