Written by
James Dunkley
Feb 02 2024

This weekend marks the return of LIV and the start of the new season, with its first stop in Mayakoba in Mexico. We can’t wait to get going and see what this year has in store, both on and off the course.

We have two new partners who have joined Majesticks GC in 2024, and have some exciting plans in the pipeline, bringing fans closer to the action at all opportunities.

A new year and a new season always represent a chance to start afresh. Ahead of the restart, we took the time to reflect and reset as a team, and as individuals. We have recently released a three-part docu-series focusing on our pre-season preparation (watch here) and you’ll see that a common thread through the content is preparation and honesty.

I believe that success is driven through careful planning, but also through refining and adapting as necessary. Setting the right course takes time, but that’s just the start of the hard work. Thinking about New Year’s Resolutions, how many of us have made them, only to abandon them a few weeks later? Sticking to your plan is the hardest part.

A good plan is one that is reviewed throughout the year, not one that gets put in a drawer and looked at at the end of the year. We need to have honest conversations with ourselves and each other and see what adaptations need to be made to reach the end goal.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get instant results. If you are confident that your plan is the right one, you need to give it the time and space to succeed. Set a course, let it embed, and execute bit by bit. Equally, if a plan delivers instant success, don’t get complacent: continuous improvement should be a constant pursuit.

In today's fast-paced world, the pressure to deliver results quickly often overshadows the importance of reflection. Remember, reflecting counts as work. Taking a step back to assess progress, learn from experiences, and adjust your course is a crucial component of success. Ensure that reflection time is not just an afterthought but a key priority for both you and your teams.

Amidst the noise of daily tasks and expectations, it's also essential to control the controllables. Focus on what you can influence and improve—your actions, mindset, and approach. Tune out the distractions and prioritise your efforts on elements within your sphere of control.

As we head into this new season, embracing all of its uncertainties, we want to focus on what truly matters: executing our plans to the best of our abilities, and continuing our commitment to each other of support and honesty.

Looking at your own roles and lives, what steps would you take today to shape the path for tomorrow?

My takeaways this week are:

Embrace new starts – every new start is a chance to refocus and reset

Plan carefully – understand what’s important and how to get there, and also understand that your plan might need to adapt

Don’t be discouraged – success takes time

Don’t be complacent – instant success doesn’t always continue, constant innovation is the key to true success

Take time to reflect – carve out space to think and take a step back; this counts as work and should be treated as a priority